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At King of the Castles, we have developed a cost effective way for you to repair and maintain your play area as well as keeping it safe.


Every time that we call, the service that you will receive will far outstrip the ‘gold package, platinum package, ultimate package’, or whatever other package that sales people use to make their service sound the best.


With every play area being different, we can accommodate for a one off visit or a planned preventative safety and maintenance plan.


With a range of customers, from privately owned play areas to corporate clients we’ve got what you want.


If a planned preventative safety and maintenance plan is what you want, what we will suggest, will be unique to your play area, but the overall goal is the same - ‘To raise or maintain the quality of your play equipment to the level that you want and deserve’.


The benefits to be gained from you by having a planned preventative safety and maintenance plan are wide ranging.


From security in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your duty of care and 7 days a week emergency hotline with free advice on a multitude of areas from one of our in-house experts.


From our first visit, you will see that what we say, is what we do.


All of our maintenance teams are set up as mobile workshops.  We can perform whatever work you want us to do.


We perform the work that you want doing, when you want it doing.


We can also perform any repair and maintenance work during the night, so you don’t have to close your play area and lose any revenue from your customers.


All of our maintenance technicians are capable of performing the following duties and more –


Safety inspections.

Aesthetics inspections.

Plastic repairs.

GRP repairs.

Net repairs.

Net replacement.

Vinyl repairs.

Vinyl replacement.

Sewing repairs.

Foam repairs.

Floorpad repairs.

Deck repairs.

Replace vinyl covers.

Frame alterations.


For any play areas that perform their own repair and maintenance, we also supply all the materials that you need.

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