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With an ever increasing number of facilities competing for the trade of children visiting their play centre, it’s important to make sure that your equipment is what they want.


It may be that your equipment is stimulating for the children, but it isn’t in the condition that it once was.


Sometimes, the refurbishment of your equipment is all that would be needed to return your turnover to what it once was.


Sometimes the addition of some other stimulating equipment may be needed... sometimes both.


If your equipment has lost the lustre it once had, the thought of how much it would cost to get it back is frightening... but to do nothing is worse!


At King of the Castles, we are experts with the knowledge of not only how to return your equipment to what it once was, but also how to improve it beyond that, cost effectively.


With Companies out there that are also willing to finance ventures like this, the cost need not be as big a burden as you might think and, as a proven, quality provider of Play Equipment, we have an excellent relationship with lenders willing to support our clients.


Call or email us now to discuss your requirements and let us put you in touch with some of the most attractive financing deals available.

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